Transitioning to Fall Heating


While we have enjoyed summer’s sunshine and fun, the season will soon come to a close and fall will be upon us. This means frosty nights and cool mornings, and having your heater in good condition is key to enjoying these peaceful perks of fall. Here we have detailed a few basic tips to help … Continue reading “Transitioning to Fall Heating”

Are you a fan of fans?


If you aren’t a fan of using fans, you should be—that is, if you like being comfortable in the summer while saving money at the same time. Just about any type of fan you can think of will help your air conditioner work more efficiently. That includes ceiling fans, box fans, oscillating desk fans and … Continue reading “Are you a fan of fans?”

Start reducing your biggest energy expense right now


In warm southern climates, central air conditioning is one of your home’s biggest expenses. Not only are air conditioning units big-ticket items to install, but they also take the biggest bite out of your energy budget—as much as 43 percent! The equipment you choose and the way you use it can either cost or save … Continue reading “Start reducing your biggest energy expense right now”

Two surprising thermostat tips that will save you money in the hot summer


Thermostat tips to help save you money If you live in the south, as many as 2 out of every 5 dollars you spend on energy will be to keep your house cool in the long, hot summer season. Anything you can do to reduce such a big chunk of your energy use will end … Continue reading “Two surprising thermostat tips that will save you money in the hot summer”

HVAC Humidifying: Increase Comfort, Decrease Utility Bills


We often associate humidifiers as being used when someone is ill, but did you know using whole-home humidifiers as part of your HVAC system can also help you better control your indoor comfort and assist in lowering your utility bills? Controlling the humidity in your home adds another dimension of customization to your home comfort … Continue reading “HVAC Humidifying: Increase Comfort, Decrease Utility Bills”