Using Space Heaters


Do you have space heaters in your home? These quick heating fixes offer lots of advantages, but as with anything, they come with downsides as well. Here we offer a few tips on space heater use to help you stay warm this fall and winter.

The bottom line is that space heaters are not as efficient as whole home heating systems. If you were to stop using your whole home heating system and use only space heaters, your home would not be as warm and you would still be using quite a bit of electricity. However, when space heaters are used to spot heat certain areas that your whole home system can never seem to get, this is where space heaters can save you money: instead of cranking up the heating in your whole house to heat one spot, that spot can be heated with a space heater.

Space heaters also come with an increased burn hazard. When in use, all objects (including people and pets) should be kept at least 3 feet away from the face of the heater. The fire danger from space heaters is very real, so use these appliances carefully.

Are space heaters cost-efficient?

Using space heaters in your home can help with heating efficiency by supplementing your whole home heating system. Using a space heater that is up to modern energy standards and only draws an appropriate amount of wattage can indeed help save money on your electric bills. For help with heating efficiency and saving money this fall and winter, call extreme at one of our locations.