Start reducing your biggest energy expense right now


In warm southern climates, central air conditioning is one of your home’s biggest expenses. Not only are air conditioning units big-ticket items to install, but they also take the biggest bite out of your energy budget—as much as 43 percent! The equipment you choose and the way you use it can either cost or save you a bundle over the years.

Your air conditioner works a lot more efficiently when you are paying attention to the heat coming into your home in the first place. You can help it out by thinking about ways to reduce and deflect this heat. For example:

  • Make sure that your windows are tight with no leaks, and always keep them shut in hot weather. Wherever possible, create some internal shading with closable curtains or drapes. This quick solution will provide at least some relief from the scorching daytime sun, especially if you have older windows.
  • Shade really does make a difference! Longer term, adding trees to shade your windows will prevent some direct heat from entering your home, making it easier for your system to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Remember that a lot of you appliances (oven, dishwasher, laundry machines, etc.) give off heat! As much as possible, avoid running them during the heat of the day, when they will only make your air conditioner work harder.

There are, of course, a lot of other solutions that can help: insulation, dehumidification and programmable thermostats are just a few. Extreme Residential can help you learn about what suits your home the best. But you can have a more efficient air conditioner starting today by thinking about ways to reduce its workload.