HVAC Humidifying: Increase Comfort, Decrease Utility Bills


We often associate humidifiers as being used when someone is ill, but did you know using whole-home humidifiers as part of your HVAC system can also help you better control your indoor comfort and assist in lowering your utility bills? Controlling the humidity in your home adds another dimension of customization to your home comfort so you can tailor your air to your precise needs. Here we walk through the advantages of humidifying equipment in your home HVAC system to help lower your utility bills and increase your comfort.

If you have spent time near the Gulf or in a humid region of the country, you know firsthand how moisture in the air can make warm temperatures feel hotter and cool temperatures feel colder. This is the same concept utilized in home humidifying systems: by adding an element of humidity in your home, you are able to make your heater feel warmer or your AC feel cooler without adjusting the temperature. This allows you to save money by not setting your thermostat to extreme temperatures to make your home feel warm or cool.

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